Small Kitchen Solutions

Having a small home is bearable for many and some people love their tiny cottages and urban apartments. What is not desirable however is a small kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and when there is little space it is not enjoyable for cooking, eating or spending time in. There are ways however to maximise every square inch of the kitchen and use this precious space to create a kitchen that is pleasurable to spend time in. Bespoke kitchens Sussex are a great way to design and fit a kitchen that works with the space and uses it economically. Below are some solutions for a small kitchen:

  • Use the walls – if the cabinets are not enough storage and the work area is cluttered, use the walls to hang items such as knives, pans, spices and more.
  • Corner cupboards – utilising all of the space in the kitchen means making sure the corners are used for storage. There are many different specially designed corner drawers and cupboards that use a lazy susan or opening mechanism to use all of the space in the corner.
  • Appliances – many appliances come in smaller sizes, so if you are not looking after a small army then a installing a smaller dishwasher, stove or fridge will save a lot of space.
  • Sinks – a single sink is better in a small kitchen rather than a double sink. Also consider an articulated tap that can bend out to wash large items such as pots and pans.


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