How To Choose an Accountant

It can be difficult to objectively assess your financial needs and select from the accountants in Kent. It is important to choose a company or an accountant that is a good fit for you as an individual or for the company you work for or perhaps own. The following short list is a guide to selecting an accountancy firm or professional that will be a good fit for you or your business.

  • Does location matter? – It can be useful to some businesses to have their professional accountant nearby. For other businesses this is less of a concern given the amount of work and files that can be shared and managed with cloud computing. Depending on your needs and the way you prefer to work with your accountant, location may be key or may not be all that important at all.
  • Is your accountant certified? – Look for an accountancy firm or professional that is certified and regulated by a professional or governing body. CAs (Chartered Accountants) have additional knowledge and skills that they are able to bring to your business or household needs, adding value directly.
  • Is your accountant experienced? – It is not just the number of years that an accountant has been working that is relevant, does your chosen professional have experience within the market sector that your business operates within? Relevant experience is very useful.
  • Do your friends and/or other businesses recommend anybody? – Perhaps the professional you’ve been looking for is right under your nose, consider asking your friends and acquaintances if they have any recommendations.

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