Great Activities for Corporate Days Out

Team outings are a fantastic way to motivate your employees, reduce stress around the office and create some team-building time. Every so often throughout the year, corporate days out should be organised to allow staff to bond, feel appreciated, relax and have fun together. There are a range of different ideas for team building activities and corporate days out, here are just a few:


Karaoke is an amazing way to let loose and have some fun as a team. Contents can be held or it can all be relaxed for whoever wants to show off their singing skills.

Driving Experiences

Driving days out are great fun for everyone, introducing a bit of competition and time for teams to enjoy together. Activities can range from go-karting to F1 driving experience days.

Murder Mystery

Murder mystery days or nights can be organised by your team or by professionals, and are a unique way to have fun as a team. Test everyone’s acting with these fun stories where everyone gets in to character and must discover the killer over dinner or at an interesting location.


Enjoy the great outdoors, preferably in the summer months, with a kayaking trip for the whole team. Employees must help each other and be brave as they tackle the water in kayaks.


Volunteering for a good cause is both beneficial to those in need and a great way for team members to bond. There are many different ways for volunteering days such as feeding the homeless or delivering gifts at a hospital.

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